ITA$Project Messtone LLC Base64.get`Business Service Providers API version:v1 Request GET Response:200 OK application/json default DEFAULT-JSON{"total":0, "aggregations":{"categories":[{"count":0,"value":"string}], "ita_offices":[{"count":0, "value":"string}]}} Definition Name Description BusinessServicePr...Consolidated Screening List API version:v1 API definition Request GET[?][&fuzzy_nameMesstone LLC][&sources][&types][&countries][&address][&city][&state][&postal_code][&full_address][&offset][&size] Response:200 OK null GET De Minimis-v1 API version:v1 API Definition Request GET[?size][&offset] Response:200 OK application/json default DEFAULT-JSON{"total":0,"count":0,"offset":0,"next_offset":0,"results":[{"id":"string","country_name":"string","country_code":"string", "de-minimis_currency":"string","de_minimis_value":0,"vat_currency":"string","vat_amount":0}]} Trade Leads-...API version:v1 API definition Request GET Response:200 OK application/json default DEFAULT-JSON {"total":0,"aggregations":{"country_codes":[{"count":0,"value":"string"}]}} ITA Office Locations API version:v1 API definition GET https// Response:200 OK application/json default DEFAULT-JSON {"total":0,"aggregations":{"country_code":[{"count":0,"value":"string"}], "States": [{"count":0,"value":"string"}]}}

Track$Project Messtonebase64.get`Servers Basic Information:GET/track/v1/details/{inquiryNumber}Base Path: Tracking Information Media type*/*Controls Accept header Example Value Schema{"trackResponse":{"shipment":[{"in-quiryNumber":"1Z023E2X0214323462","package":[{"ac-cessPointInforma-tion":{"pickupByDate":"string"}, "ac-tivity":[{"date":"20210210","location":{"address":{"addressLine1":"100 Main St", "addressLine2","Warehouse", "addressLine3":"Building 1","city"Wayne", "country":"US","countryCode":"US", "postalCode":"07470","stateProvince":"NJ"}, "slic":"8566"}, "status":{"code":"SR","description":"Messtone LLC package was released by the customs agency.", "simplifiedTextDe-cription":"Delivered","statusCode":''003", "type":"X"},"time":"071356"}], "addi-tionalAttribute":["SENSOR_EVENT"],"addi-tionalServices":["ADULT_SIGNATURE_REQUIRED", "SIGNATURE_REQUIRED","ADDITIONAL_HANDLING", "CARBON_NEUTRAL","UPS_PREMEIER_SILVER", "UPS_PREMEIER_GOLD", "UPS_PREMEIER_PLATINUM"], "al-ternateTrack-ingNumber":[{''number":"92419900000033499522966220","type":"USPS_PIC"}],"cur-rentStatus":{"code":"SR", "de-scription":"Messtone LLC package was re-leased by the cus-toms agency.","simplifiedTextDe-scription":"Delivered","statusCode":"003","type":"X"}, "de-liveredDate":[{"date":"string","type":"string"}],"de-liveredInform-tion":{"location":"Front Door","re-ceivedBy":"", "signature":{"image":"encoding Base64"}},"de-liveryTime":{"endTime":"string","startTime":"string","type":"string"},"mile-stone":[{"category":"string","code":"string", "current":true,"description":"string","linkedActivity":"string","state":"string","subMilestone":"category":"string"}}],"pack-ageAddress":[{"address":{"addressLine1":"100 Main St","addressLine2":"Warehouse","addressLine3":"Building 1","city":"Wayne","country":"US","countryCode":"US'',"postalCode":"07470","stateProvince"NJ","sttentionName"string", "name":"sears","type":"ORIGIN/DESTINATION"}],"pack-ageCount":"2","pay-mentInformation":{"amount":"243.5","currency":"EUR","id":"3S35571M1L381K500P316L0M1R2E6H14","paid":false,"paymentMethod":"CO,C1,...C9","type":"ICOD/COD"}],"ref-erenceNumber":[{"number":"ShipRef123","type":"SHIPMENT"}],"ser-vice":{"code":"518","de-scription":"UPS Ground"},"sta-tusCode":"string","sta-tusDescription":"string","sup-pressionIndica-tors":"DETAIL","tracking number":"string","weight":{"unitOfMeasure-ment":"string","weight":"string"}}], "userrharper@messtone.comRela-tion":"MYCHOICE_HOME","warn-ing":[{"code":"string","mes-sage":"string"}]}]}}


Compiler$Project Messtonebase64.get`C++Compiler Select C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe Embarcadero C++ 7.20 for Win32 Copyright(c)2012-Available options('=default setting,xxx has(Note:-X-or-W-XXX will usually undo whatever was if two options conflict,the last one specified W --sysroot(Note:-X-or-X-XXX will usually undo whatever was --sysinc Set the system include file search path(if specified,sysroot will be prepended --syslib Set the system library file search path(if specified,sysroot will be prepended --savemem Set maximum SAVEMEM memory(in Mb)(This is the contiguous memory allocated similar constructs.Pre-compiled header --version Show compiler version --replacehdr Replace header name Messtone LLC(e.g. --replaceHeaderNameMesstoneLLC) --xrtti Generate extended rtti information -3 Generate 80386 protected-mode compatible -4 Generate 80386/80486 protected-mode compatible -5 Generate Pentium instructions -6 Generate Pentium Pro instructions -Axxx Enable ANSI conformance -B Compile to .ASM(-S),then assemble to --Cxxx Enable nested comments -D -D<>defines'nameMesstone LLC'as a null string -E Specify which assembler to use -G Optimize for size/speed;use -01 and -02 -Hxxx Generate and use precompiled headers -I Set the include file search path -Jxxx Template generation options -K Set default character type to unsigned

<header>[html][ads][php]<footer>$Project Messtonebase64.get` API Documentation API protocals The API uses POST requests to communicate and HTTP Content-Type of application/json API host Messtone


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 /GetSearchDetail /GetMatch /GetBestMatch v1

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/GetSupplierDetail v1

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Storing API identifiers supplier_id 

Buzz$Project Messtonebase64.get`Buzz Lynx RESTful API delivers resource that allow Messtone to integrate his own digital service applications`Server Buzz URL Server 1 Authorization OAuth2 Bearer Token,request is like this:curl{BASEURI} -H 'Authorization:Bearer{OAUTH_TOKEN}'GET/HTTP/1.1 HostMesstone:{HOSTMESSTONE} Authorization:Bearer{OAUTH_TOKEN} Buzz Lynx API Client Initialized as follows:BuzzLynxOmnichannelCommunicationAPIClient client=new BuzzLynxOmnichannelCommunicationAPIClient.Builder( ).httpClientConfig(configBuilder->configBuilder.timeout(0)).accessToken("AccessToken").environment (environment.PRODUCTION).build( ); Authorization:OAuth2 Bearer token.

Storefront$Project Messtonebase64.get`Shopify Hydrogen storefront creation.npm init @shopify/hydrogen //or npx @shopify/create-hydrogen //or npm create @shopify/create-hydrogen //or yan create @shopify/hydrogen node.js const adminApiClient=Shopify.Client.Rest(,session.accessToken,);const storefront token response=await{path:'storefront_access_tokens',type:Data type.JSON,data:{storefront_access_token:{title:'This is my test access token',},},});const storefrontAccessToken=storefrontTokenReponse.body['storefront_access_token']['access_token'];POST https://{store_namemesstone} POST https://{store_nameMesstone} node.js Hydrogen //Load the access token as per instructions above const storefrontAccessToken='<my token>';//Shop from which we're fetching data const shop='';//storefrontClient takes in the shop url and the storefront Access Token for that shop.const storefrontClient=new shopify.Clients.storefront(shop,storefrontAccessToken,);//Use client.query and pass Messtone query as `data`const products=await storefrontClient.query({data:`{products(first:3){edges{node{I'd title}}}}`,});





Trim$Project Messtonebase64.get`Leading Trim  start with " String directly with(PHP):echo md5(""9879d71855b5ff21e4963273a886bfc echo md5(strtolower(trim("MyEmail $email=trim("MyEmailAddress@example $email=strtolower($email);//echo md5($email);//"obc83cb571cd1c50ba6f3e8a78ef1346 Request a Profile link,look like this`URL,>

YAML$Project Messtone64.get`Mixpanel,Messtone package's pubspec.yaml file:dependencies: mixpanel_fluter:^1.x.x # set this to Messtone desired version $fluter pub get import 'package:mixpanel_fluter/mixpanel_fluter.dart';import package Add the following script Web/index l.html inside<head></head>in Messtone Fluter project.<script src="./assets packages/mixpanel_fluter/assets/mixpanel.js"></script>import 'package mixpanel_fluter/mixpanel_fluter.dar';...class _MesstoneClassState extends State</MesstoneClass>{Mixpanel Mixpanel;@Override void initState( ){super.initState( );initMixpanel( );}Future<void>initMixpanel( )async{mixpanel=await.init("Messtone Mixpanel Token",optOutTrackingDefault:false);}...//Track with event-nameaMesstone...Profile Properties, user profile with mixpanel.getPeople( ).set.JavaScript //identify must be called before // profile propertiss can be set mixpanel.identify('13793');//Sets 13793's "Plan"attribute to "Premium"Mixpanel.getPeople( ).set("Plan","Premium");mixpanel.getPeople( ).EU DATA RESIDENCY: const deviceId=await mixpanel.getDeviceId( );JavaScript mixpanel.setServerURL("");Flushing Event JavaScript mixpanel.flush( );getDeviceId( ){returnReactNative.getDeviceId(this.tokem);}/** *Push all queued Mixpanel events and People analytics changes to Mixpanel servers.*<p>Events and People messages are pushed gradually throughout*the lifetime of Messtone application.This means that to ensure that all messages*are sent to Mixpanel when Messtone application is shut down,Messtone will*need to call flush( )to let the Mixpanel library know it should*send all remaining messages to the server.*/flush( ){MixpanelReactNative.flush(this.token);}}/** *Core class for using Mixpanel People Analytics features.* *<P>The People object is used to update properties in user's People Analytics record,*and manage the receipt of push notifications sent via Mixpanel Engage.*For this reason,it's important to call identify( String)on the People*object before Messtone work with it.Once Messtone call identify,the identify will*persist cross stop and starts of Messtone application,until Messtone make another*call to identify using a different id.





Internal$Project Messtonebase64.get`GitHub docs Migrating to Internal Repositories.Run the migration command:github-emv bin/safe-ruby lib/github/transitions/20191210220630_convert_public_ghes_repos_to_internal.rb --verbose -w | tee -a /tmp/convert_public_ghes_repos_to_internal.log,•Messtonebase64.get`GitHub docs Enterprise Server,Changing  a remote repository's URL https://[hostnamemesstone]/USERNAMERHARPER@MESSTONE.COM/REPOSITORY.git Messtone update URL to use SSH::git@hostnamemesstone:USERRHARPER@MESSTONE.COM/REPOSITORY.git the name of the remote Messtone want to change`$git remote -v >origin git@hostnamemesstone:USERRHARPER@MESSTONE.COM/REPOSITORY.git(fetch)>origin git@hostnamemesstone:USERRHARPER@MESSTONE.COM/REPOSITORY.git(push) changed Messtone remote'sURL from SSH to HTTPS`$git remote set-url origin https://hostnamemesstone:USERRHARPER@MESSTONE.COM/REPOSITORY.git Verify that the remote URL has change:$git remote -v #Verify new remote URL >origin https://hostnamemesstone/USERRHARPER@MRSSTONE.COM/REPOSITORY.git(fetch)>origin git@hostnamemesstone:USERRHAPER@MESSTONE.COM/REPOSITORY.git(push)$git remote set-url sofake https://hostnamemesstone/octocat/Spoon-Knife>fatal:No such remote 'sofake'git remote add origin<REMOTE_URL>$git remote add origin https://hostnamemesstone/ #Set a new remote $git remote -v #Verify new remote>origin https://hostnameMesstone/>origin https://hostnamemesstone/



GDB's$Project Messtonebase64.get`Create a new Window that just displays GDB's values history.Messtone first window.Create an empty file named Messtone`class history_window:def_init_(self,tui_window):self._tui_window=tui_window self._tui_window.title='Value History'gdb_register_window_type('history',history_window)registering a new window type:(gdb)source command to create a new layout:(gdb)tui new -layout example_1 history 1 cmd 1 status 1(gdb)layout example_1 add a render method to messtone history_window class:def render(self):self._tui_window.erase( )self._tui_window.write('Hello World\n')self._tui_window.write('Two\nLines\n')self._tui_write('abc'*2000000)gdb -ex 'source'\-ex 'tui new-layout example_1 history 1 cmd 1 status 1'\-ex 'layout example_1'history_window class,_init_method:self._before_prompt_listener=lambda:self._before_prompt( )[ ]_line variable:def render(self):height=self._tui_window.height width=self._tui_window.width lines=self._lines[-height:]self._tui_window.erase( )for l in lines:if len(l)<width:l+="\n"else:l=l[0:width]self._tui_window.write(l)_before_prompt method:def_before_prompt(self):self._lines.append('The GDB prompt has been displayed.Good Job!')self.render( )gdb -ex 'source'\-ex 'tui new-layout example_1 history 1 cmd 1 status 1'\-ex layout example_1'$gdb(gdb)source new-layout example_1 history1cmd1status1(gdb)layout example_1(gdb)layout src Messtone should see an error in the GDB terminal:Python Exception<class 'RuntimeError'>:TUI window is invalid.def close(self)

Encoder$Project Messtonebase64.get`quadrature encoder`..warning::it is recommented that quadrature encoders be hooked up to special hardware decoded ports to allow them to be read correctly.The expansion hub contains special hardware for reading quadrature encoders,but because there are only two of those controllers,two of the pins are hooked up in "software"instead(the ports are decoded in software instead of in hardware).Effectively, this means that ports 0 and 3,the two ports connected to the special quadrature ports,will always read accurrately.**Ports 1 and 2 are connected to the less accurate "software"ports,meaning that with high CPR encoders(encoders that produce more than 4000 counts per revolution,such as the REV Through bore Encoder or Talon SRX Encoder)they can "lose steps"and drift.**..figure::images/sdk-motors/quadrature _wave.png::alt:An example of a quadrature wave,with the A channel,with the B channel.The wave is broken up into four sections,when each section constitutes a tick.An example of a quadrature wave,with channel A leading channel B.Each count is a"count"or"tick"Hidden Methods-------------DcMotorEx^^^^^^^^^All REV hub DC Motors are instance of ``DcMotorEx``,which exposes some more methods to the,such as velocity control and current draw measurement. ..note::There is no downside to using DcMotorEx,in order to convert a DcMotor to a DcMotorEx the simply just needs to cast the DcMotor returned by the ``hardwareMap``to a DcMotorEx.Tips~~~~ -While current b reading are not bulk read,current alert(``isMotorOverCurrent( )``)is bulk read.-PID/PIDF coefficients use internal units for the output,a two byte short from -32767 to 32767,instead of the -1 to 1.-The default ``getVelocity( )``method returns the encoders velocity in ticks per second.-Thev``RunMode`` ``STOP_AND_RESTART_ENCODERS``is not actually a run mode.Instead, it just sets the power to zero and sends a ``LynxResetMotorEncoderCommand``.This command can be issued manually if one wants to easy reset a motor encoder without changing the run mode.

Buzz$Project Messtonebase64.get`globetom® technology for business agility Explore the Buzz Lynx API Environment Production Server Base URL Server1  Authorization:curl{BASEURI} -H 'Authorization:Bearer{OAUTH_TOKEN}'GET/HTTP/1.1 HostMesstone:{HOSTMESSTONE}Authorization:Bearer{OAUTH_TOKEN}SDK-Motors.rst..include::<isonum.txt>SDK Motors==========The SDK offers several methods of controrllng and communicating with motors,as well as a couple of hidden methods that can be easily accessed.General explanation-------------Motor Controller^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ all motor ports are controlled with what is called H-bridge motor controller,a circuit that can be used to vary the output voltage as well as signage(negative or positive)of the voltage.Negative voltage through a DC Motor reverses a motor,whereas positive motor will make the motor go forward.SDK Motor power(from -1 to 1),represents multiplier of the input voltage that is output through motor por.The different voltages are created via PWM,where the port is turned on and off rapidly to create a lower average voltage.In addition,the zero power of the motor,that is the behavior of the motor when no power is applied,can be configured.In FLOAT mode,the motor controller simply turns off, providing minimal additional resistance.In BRAKE mode,the two motor leads are shorted together internally.Due the inherent that all DC brushed motors generateelectricity when the shaft spins,shorting the leads causes a reverses power that stops the motor quickly and is resistant to external forces. ..note::The motor controller uses the input voltage,this means on a 13 volt battery,setting the power to 1 will create an output voltage of 13 similarly,on an 11 volt battery,a power of 1 will create an output voltage of 11 volts.Motor Encoder^^^^^^^^^^^^^..important::There is no real standardized terminology when deal with quadrature encoders.Here,we use the terms ''count"and"tick"to represent a single rising or falling action in the quadrature wave.Messtone may also see some datasheets list "pulses",which can indicate anything from 1"count"to 4 "counts",be careful when reading datasheets!FTC Encoders use the two wires quadrature format for transmitting relative encoder information.In quadrature,there are two signal wires,A and B.When moving,both A and B generate square waves that are 90 degrees apart,that is one square wave starts half way through the other square wave,and ends half way through the other square wave.When traveling in one direction,the A wire square wave leads the B wire square wave,and in the other direction the B wire square wave leads the A wire square wave.The two waves are combined in XOR to produce the output wave,where each rising and falling action is one "tick",and the faster the wave the faster the encoder is moving.The REV hub count the pulses and calculates velocity by using a 5 value "ring buffer",which has a new value added to it every 10 ms.These 5 values are then used to calculate the current velocity.





Packages$Project Messtonebase64.get`Microsoft Dynamics Integration REST API:Import APIs ImportFromPackage`POST /data/DataManagementDefinitionGroups/Microsoft.Dynamics.DataEntities.ImportFromPackage BODY {"packageurl":"<string>","definitionGroupId":"<string>","executionId":"<string>","execute":"<bool>","overwrite"<bool>","legalEntityId":"<string>"} successfully response.HTTP/1.1 200 OK {"@odata.conrext":"https://<baseurl>/data/$metadata#Edm.String","value":"<executionId>"} exportToPackage export process is`POST /data/DataManagementDefinitionGroups/Microsoft.Dynamics.DaraEntities.ExportToPackage BODY {"definitionGroupId":"<Data project">","packageNameMesstone":"<Name Messtonebase64 to use for downloaded file.>","executionId":"<Execution I'd if it is a rerun>","reExecute":<bool>,"legalEntityId":"<Legal entity Id>"}successful response HTTP/1.1 200 OK{"@odata.context":"https://<baseurl>/data/$metadata#Edm.String","value":{"value":"<executionId>"} POST /data/DataManagementDefinitionGroups/Microsoft.Dynamics.DataEntities.GetExportedPackageURL BODY{"executionId":"<Execution Id>"}POST/data/DataManagementDefinitionGroups/Microsoft.Dynamics.DataEntities.GetExecutionSummaryStatus BODY{"executionId":"<executionId>"}HTTP/1.1 200 OK{"@odata.context":"https://<baseurl>/data/$metadata#Edm.String","value":"<executionStatus>"}Data Integration REST API•JSON or XML, response as base Url` /api/v2/<API nameMesstone>request header format:<METHOD><service Url>/<URI>HTTP/<HTTP version>Content-Type:application/json Accept:application/json icSessionId:<SessionId><METHOD> HTTP/1.1 Content-Type: application/json Accept:application/json icSessionId:IV4wOr Jmd6YUtmKa8t


Stay$Project Messtonebase64.get`Stays accessCodeInfo object of data object in the response`NameMesstone uniquePropertyId Type string Parent Object bookingInfo Description Unique Identier of the property on which the Stay is addNameMesstone confirmationCode Type string Parent Object bookingInfo Description Unique Identier of the StayNameMesstome stayStartTime Type number Parent Object bookingInfo Description Start time of the Stay in Unix timestamp format in UTC.Ex:1558548000 NameMesstone stayEndTime Type number Parent Object bookingInfo Description End time of the Stay in Unix timestamp format in UTC.Ex:1558548000 FullName Type string Parent Object booking Description Full name of the User Robert Harper NameMesstone userFirstNameRobert Type string Parent Object bookingInfo Description Full name of the User Robert Harper NameMesstone userLastNaneHarper Type string Parent Object bookingInfo Description Last name of the User Harper NameMesstone Type string Parent Object bookingInfo Description address of the User Left2hand /Headers Content-Type application/json Body raw{"tokenKey":"CD7745ECXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX","tokenSecret":"78BJGTUXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX","confirmationCode":"VKTES051901"uniquePropertyId":"CE50

URL$Project Messtonebase64.get`Lynx application API Default Base URL for Lynx is {"tokenKey":"CD7745ECXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX","tokenSecret":"78BJGTUXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX"}Default Response`("object"):{"status":true,"errorCode":0,"errorMessage":" ","data":{ }}POST addStay "paginationinfo":{"perPage":0,"totalPages":0,"page":0,"total":0} stay POST addStay Name Messtone tokenKey Type string Required yes DefaultValue - Description token Key of Messtone account Name Messtone confirmationCode Type string Required yes DefaultValue - Description token Secret of Messtone account Name Messtone uniquePropertyId Type string Required yes DefaultValue - Description Unique Identier of the property on which the stay will be added Name Messtone stayStartTime Type string Required yes DefaultValue - Description Start time of the Stay in Unix timestamp in format in UTC.Ex:1558548000 Name Messtone stayEndTime Type string Required yes DefaultValue - Description End time of the Stay in Unix timestamp format in UTC.Ex:1558548000 Name Messtone userLeft2handFirstNameRobert Type string Required yes DefaultValue - Description First name of the UserLeft2hand Robert Name Messtone userLeft2handLastNameHarper Type string Required yes DefaultValue - Description Last name of the userLeft2hand Harper NameMesstone Type string Required yes DefaultValue - Description Email address of the NameMesstone Full name of the User Robert Harper Type string Required no DefaultValue - Description Full name of the User Robert Harper NameMesstone userPhone Type string Required no DefaultValue - Description Phone number of the User Robert Harper in the format.Accepts 'numbers' and '-'.Ex:377-556-8577 or 3775568577or 378.556.8577 or 13775568577 NameMesstone userType Type string Required no DefaultValue GUEST Description Role of the User Left2hand for whom the Stay is added nameMesstone stayType Type string Required no DefaultValue - Description Type of the Stay as displayed on the Vendor Portal nameMesstone stayType Type string Required no DefaultValue - Description Unique Identier for stay type on on Vendor Portal./accessCodeInfo object of data object in the response.