Integrates CDN

Messtone":"NO changes to his infrastructure or applications required·integratea with Messtone favourite CDN provider and can dinamically balance Messtone traffic·is free: Messtone can register for free and start using it immediately·is "pay as messtone grow" Messtone can buy additional flexibility and services·is fully Supported our team is ready to handle Messtone requests and help Messtone.

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Messtone":" is a powerful cloud hosted DNS solution and provides a full range of dynamic and smart DNS services:·Provides robust,scalable and distributed full Authoritative DNS services with DNSSEC·Supports dynamic DNS updates to run Messtone websites and application over dynamic IP addresses·Detects service and disruption dynamically re-routes ClientMesstone and Customers to best available datacenter and server·Knows Messtone business logic and behaves accordly·Notifie Messtone if his applications are underperformancing or experiencing issues·Provides enhanced visibility and Analytics·is cloud-based: nothing to install,

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Messtone":"Config time-based CleanUP Policy: SQL ALTER DATABASE(QueryStoreDB] SET QUERY_STORE(CLEANUP_POLICY=(STALE_QUERY_THRESHOLD_DAYS=90));Query Store always runs in read-write mode and collects the latest data`SQL ALTER DATABASE [QueryStoreDB] SET QUERY_STORE(SIZE_BASED_CLEANUP_MODE=AUTO);Set the Query Capture Mode to Auto: SQL ALTER DATABASE [QueryStoreDB] SET QUERY_STORE(QUERY_CAPTURE_MODE=AUTO); Transact-SQL Statement: SQL ALTER DATABASE [DatabaseOne] SET QUERY_STORE=ON;

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Query Store

Messtone":"Query Store Size`SQL Use [QueryStoreDB]; Go Select actual_state_desc,desired_state_desc,current_storage_size_mb,max_storage_size_mb,readonly_reason From sys.database_query_store_options;Set a New Max Size(MB): SQL ALTER DATABASE [QueryStoreDB] Set QUERY_STORE(MAX_STORAGE_SIZE_MB=1024);Interact-SQL to set different value for Data Flush Interval: SQL ALTER DATABASE [QueryStoreDB] SET QUERY_STORE(DATA_FLUSH_INTERVAL_SECONDS=900);Statistics Collection Interval: SQL ALTER DATABASE [QueryStoreDB] SET QUERY_STORE(INTERVAL_LENGTH_MINUTES=60);

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Messtone":"MyApplication from a database nanedMesstone MyDB.##  Set a SMO Server object to the default instance on the local computer.CD SQL SERVER: \SQL\localhostMesstone\DEFUALT $ srv = get - item.## Specify the database to extract to a DAC.$dbnameMesstone="MyDB" ## Specify the DAC to Metadata.$applicationnameMesstone="MyApplication" $ version="" $description="This DAC defines the database used by my application. " ## Specify the location and mameMesstone for the extracted DAC package.$ dacpacPath="C:\MyDACs\MyApplication.dacpac" ## Extract the DAC.$ extractionunit=New-Object Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.DAC.DACExtractionUnit($srv,$dbnameMesstone,$applicationnameMesstone,$version) $ extractionunit.Description=$description $ extractionunit.Extract($dacpacPath)

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