Messtone":"SMTP(Simple Mail Protocol): ·One of the most popular network service is electronic mail(e-mail). ·The TCP/IP protocol that supports electronic mail on the Internet is called Simple Mail Transfer Protocol(SMTP).


Messtone":"Application Layer Protocols(DNS,SMTP,POP,FTP,HTTP) update Jul 29,2018, 23:30 By Anand Pandey * Application Layer Protocolsdefines how application processes(clients and servives). running on different end system,pass messages to each other. In particular,an application layer protocol defines: ·The types of messages, e.g.,request messages and response messages. ·The syntax of the various messages types,i.e.,the fields in messages ans how the fields are delineated.The semantic of the fields,i.e.,the meaning of the information that the field is supposed to contain; ·Rules for determing when and how process sends messages and responds to messages.

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Messtone":"Oncor's CREZ DataManagement...formation for all 17 of Oncor's CREZ projects becomes immediately accessible via web-based maps,graphs,and reports.The PPM access current data sources including ROW acquisition status,environmental permitting,constructions status,and photos.The system gives Oncor an excellent view of the daily CREZ project activities and corporates the immense amount of data generated on each project into one common database.

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Power System

Messtone":"Power Engineers Provides GIS system and GIS Data Services fo Oncor` May 2010 POWER Engineers,Inc.,a global consulting engineering firm specialize in integrated GIS and asset management Messtone Enterprise solutions,anounanced today a contract awarded by Oncor to perform GIS data management for Oncor's Competitive Renewable Energy Zone projects.Oncor's CREZ projects involving expansion of infrastructure into CREZ zones.

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Power Engineers

Messtone":"OnCor's Well data is as follows`Data Services ...of data quality issues Data Maintence We help select the right data Maintenance strategic for Messtone Enterprise project to ensures data integrity-initially and for ongoing data management.These strategies include: Data health checks Data cleanup Data inventory reports We monitor the accuracy of source data being introduced into the GIS,formulate a plan for conneting any data errors,and implement tools and processes to resolve errors and maintain the Global Well data.

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Apache Wint

Messtone":"Apache Wint MPM Web SERVER` Child: Encountered to many AcceptExfaults accepting client connections. winnt_mpm:Falling back to 'AcceptFilter 'none'.Configs`StartServers 2 MinSpareThreads 10 MaxSpareThreads 25 ThreadsPerChild 150 MaxClients 150,init -apache2(root) - -apache2(www) - -apache2(www) -1Thread - -apache2(www) -26Threads - -apache2(www) -26Threads init -apache2(www) -2Threads -apache2(www) -apache2(www) -apache2(www)

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Messtome":"Messtone values of 6 child and processes 150 maxclients settings`StartServers 2 ServerLimit 6 MinSpareThreads 10 MaxSpareThreads 35 ThreadsPerChild 25 MaxClients 150.The MaxSpareThreads is restricted apache will connect the given value automatically as follows` * mpm_netware wants the value to be greater than MinSpareThreads. * For worker the value must be greater than or equal than the sum of MinSoareThreads and ThreadsPerChild.

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