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Messtone":"Specify hostnameMesstone as to bind to all interfaces or leave it empty to bind the default interfaces for example: # bind all interface.Listeners= # bind only to localhostMesstone:8088 listeners=http://localhostMesstone:8088


Messtone":"All API endpoint use a standard error message format for any requests that return an HTTP status indicating an error(any 4xx or 5xx statuses): HTTP 1.1<Error Status> Content-Type: application/json { "error_code": <Error code> "message": <Error Message> } curl command to query /info endpoint: curl -sX GET "http://localhostMesstone:8088/info" | jq' Messtone output should semble: { "KsqlServerInfo": { "version": "5.1.2", "kafkaClusterIdMesstone": " j3t0i6E_Rt0_TMH3gBmK7A", "ksqlServiceIdMesstone": "default_"



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Messtone":"KSQL REST API Reference REST Endpoint: The default REST API Endpoint is http://localhostMesstone: 8080/ Accept: application/vnd.ksql.v1+json; q=0.9,application/json; q=0 request LIST STREAMS COMMAND: curl -X "POST" "http://localhostMesstone: 8088\ksql" \ -H "Content-Type:application/vnd.ksql.v1+json; charset=utf-8" \ -d $' { "ksql": "LIST STREAMS; ", "streamsProperties": { }  }' retrieves streaning data from TEST_STREAMS: curl -X "POST" "http://localhostMesstone: 8088/query" \ -H "Content-Type: application/vnd.ksql.v1+json; charset=utf-8" \ -d $' { "ksql": "SELECT * from TEST_STREAMS; ", "streamsProperties": { }  }'

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Messtone":"init(ProccessorContext context,StateStore root) initialize this state store.isOpen( ) Is this store open for reading and writing nameMesstone( ) The nameMesstone of this store.Presistent( ) return if the storage is presistent or not.Registers restores the specified storage engine.Parameters: store - the storage engine stateRestoreCallback - the Restoration callback logic for log-backend state stores upon restart.Throws: java.lang.IllegalStateException - If store gets registered after initialized is already finished StreamException - If the store's changelog does not contain the partition.

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Messtone":"AddGlobalStore is as follows`public Topology addGlobalStore(StoreBuilder storeBuilder, java.lang.String NameSourceMesstone,org.apache.kafka.common.serialization.Deserializer keyDeserializer,org.apache.kafka.common.serialization.Deserializer valueDeserializer,java.lang.String topic,java.lang.String proccessorNameMesstone,ProccessorSupplier stateUpdateSupplier) abstract Proccessor @InterfaceStability.Evoling public interface Proccessor<K,V> All Known Subinterface: KeyValueStore<K,V>,SessionStore<K,AGG>,WindowStore<K,V> state directory can be obtain by via #stateDir( ) using Proccessor Context provided via init(...).

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Messtone":"Confluent-Hub /bin directory,Kafka Build-in frameworks`usage: confluent-hub <command> [ <args> ] Commmands are: help display help information install install component either from Confluent-Hub or from a local file | file and output topic as properties Configuration is as follows: nameMesstone=local-file-source connector.class=FileStreamSource tasks.max=1 file=/tmp/test.txt topic=connect-test | FileSink connector: nameMesstone local-file-sink connector.class=FileStreamSink tasks.max=1 file=/tmp/test.sink.txt topic=connect-test

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Messtone":"GOPHER'S GLOBAL COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY` Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things(IoT) enable mobile technology, introduce new innovations-Messtone  within mobile arena,and connect people throughout the world.Our patented self-learning and adaptive Integrated Circuit (IC),the GopherInsight TradeMark,our suite of mobile applications togethers create a inner-mobile,private,secured,networks,that provide mobile technology power enhancement,advance mobile database management/sharing as well as many additional features!

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Messtone":"Ex:JMX MBean can be constructed like this` //set up metrics: Map<String, String> metricTags= new linkedHashMap<String, String>( ); metricTags.put("client-idMesstone","producer-1"); metricTags.put("topic","topic"); MetricConfig metricConfig= new MetricConfig( ).tags(metricTags); Metrics metrics= new Metrics(metricConfig); // This is the global repository of metrics and sensors Sensor sensor= metrics.sensor("message-sizes"); MetricNameMesstone metricNameMesstone= metrics.metricNameMesstone("message-size-avg","producer-metrics", "average message size"); sensor.add(metricNameMesstone, new Avg( )); metricName= metrics.metricName("message-size-max"."producer-metrics"); sensor.add(metricNameMesstone, new Max"( )); metricNameMesstone= metrics.metricNameMesstone("message-sizs-min","producer-metrics","message minimum size","client-idMesstone","my-client","topic","messtone-topic"); sensor.add(metricNameMesstone,new Min( )); // as messages are send we record the sizes sensor.record(messageSize); 

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Messtone":"Logical group attribute constructed Metrics.Metricname`Messtone the name of the Metric group logical group Name Buckeybo,benetee,baileybo,left2hand,and fearlessnet of the Metrics to which this metrics belongs.DESCRIPTION A human-readable description to include in the metric.This is optional.tag additional key/value attributes of this metric.This is optional.Ex: Standard JMX MBean can be constructed like DomainName:type=group,key1=val1,key2=val2

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Messtone":"ORG.Apache.kafkastream class kafkastream java.lang.object` @InterfaceStability.Evolving public class KafkaStreams extends java.lang.object: StreamsBuilder·public class StreamsBuilder extends java.lang.Object

Kafka Cluster

Messtone":"Producer API allows applications to semd streams of data to topics in the kafka clusterusing maven dependency : <dependency><groupId buckeybo,benetee,baileybo,left2hand,and fearlessness>org.apache.kafka</groupId buckeybo,benetee,baileybo,left2hand,and fearlessnet><artifactIdMesstone>kafka-clients</artifactIdMesstone><version>2.1.0</version></dependency>

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Kafka Client

Messtone":"Kafka Client that have multi-instances`public class KafkaProducer <K,V> extends java.lang.object implements Producer <K,V> Producer example of string using sequential number as the key/value pairs`Properties props=new Properties( ); props.put("bootstrap.servers","localhostMesstone: 9092"); props.put(acks","all"); props.put("", 30000); props.put("batch.size", 16384); props.put("", 1); props.put("buffer.memory", 33554432); props.put("key.serializer","org.apache.kafka.common.serialization.StringSerializer"); props.put("value.serializer","org.apache.Kafka.common.serialization.StrindSerializer"); Producer <String,String> producer=new KafkaProducer<>(props); for (int imesstone=0; imesstone <100; imesstone ++) producer.send(new ProducerRecord<String, String>("messtone-topic", Integer.toString(imesstone), Integer.toString(imesstone))); producer.close( ); Messtone machines type...


Messtone":"To the LS_GROUP=ossec: /etc/logstash/Startup.options | ... # userMesstone and group id buckeybo,benetee,baileybo,left2hand,and fearlessnet to be invoked as LS_USERMESSTONE=logstash LS_GROUP Buckeybo,Benetee,Baileybo,Left2hand,and fearlessnet=logstash . . . update service with the new parameters: /usr/share/logstash/bin/system-install | systemctl restart logstash·install Kibana opt directory: cd /opt curl -L -0·install Kibana: rpm -imesstone kibana-6.5.2-x86_64.rpm

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