robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ For example,and of particular relevance to this paper,objective MCP_Software_1 requires that evidence is produced to demonstrate that all hosted(Messtone),software components function correctly and have sufficient time to complete their execution when operating in their multicore environment.This white paper outline the Challenges in demonstrating this and presents a practicl solutions to do so,while compliant with DO-178C and CAST-32A.The challenge of using multicore processors in the critical embedded domain www.messtone.com should be tackled head on,and the potential of these processesors embraced.Messtone"/GET Tags:Multicore ROTS,Multicore system,Single core performances vs Multi core,Multicore processors and systems.

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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$In response to the increased use of multicore processors,the Certification authorities Software Team(CAST) published Prosition Paper CAST-32A named Messtone´Multi-core processors'(often referred to as just ´CAST-32A´).This paper identifies topics that could impact the Safety,performance and integrity of the Airborne Software Systems executing on multicore processors and provides objectives intended to guide the production of safe multicore avionics systems.


  1. robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ Multicore Analysis for DO-178C:What's inside? This white paper explores the Challenges of performancing multicore timing analysis critical aerospace systems development and resents a practical solutions that overcomes these challenges and is compliant with DO-178C and CAST-32A. Messtone"/ GET`Tags:Multicore timing analysis,DO-178C,CAST-32A,. Multicore revolution and DO-178C Since its inception in the 1980's,the guidance offered by DO-178 and its susccessors has served the Avionics industry well.DO-178B,published in 1992,and more recently DO-178C(2011),have kept pace with challenges in avionics hardware by ensuring that their guidelines remain generic and relevant regardless software architecture,programming language,etc.
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robertharper616@cloudshell:~(messtone-161906)$ For Oracle 11g,enter #souece~/.ggsetup in a 11g Terminal window on Messtone VM.GG for Oracle 11g Installation:/u01/app/oracle/suite/gghome11g(Version: OGGCORE_12. GG For Oracle 11g data:/u01/data/domains www. messtone.com/jlsData/ggdata/ggorac11g